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Auteurs: Hannelore Dillen, geertruida Bekkering, Ann Bastiaens, Ann Li, Anne-lies Van den Broeck, Anne-Sophie Spiette, Catharine Vander Linden, Chris Burtin, Daniel Langer, Dirk Bellemans, Dominique Van de Velde, Ellen Excelmans, Erika Vanhauwaert, Hadi Waelkens, Johan Wens, Joke Platteeuw, Paul Boon, Pierre Garin, Roy Remmen, Séverine Tibor, Sofie Gijsbers, Stefan Teughels, Stijn De Baets, Thibault Coppens, Yannick Vande Weygaerde, Wim Janssens, Henricus Gosselink, Thierry Troosters en Jan Verbakel
Auteurs: Ines Mouchaers, Hilde Verbeek, Gertrudis IJM Kempen, Jolanda CM van Haastregt, Ellen Vlaeyen, Geert Goderis en Silke F Metzelthin
Auteurs: Inge Stegeman, Eleanor A Ochodo, Fatuma Guleid, Gea A Holtman, Bada Yang, Clare Davenport, Jonathan J Deeks, Jacqueline Dinnes, Sabine Dittrich, Devy Emperador, Lotty Hooft, Rene Spijker, Yemisi Takwoingi, Ann Van den Bruel, Junfeng Wang, Miranda Langendam, Jan Y Verbakel en Mariska Mg Leeflang
1 December 2022 | ARTICLE
Applying a knowledge translation framework for triaging low back pain and radicular pain at an emergency department: an iterative process within an uncontrolled before-and-after design
BACKGROUND: Diagnostic imaging for low back pain (LBP) without any indication of a serious underlying cause does not improve patient outcomes. However, there is still overuse of imaging, especially at emergency departments (EDs). Although evidence...
Auteurs: Sanne Peters, Karel Jacobs, Peter Van Wambeke, Sofie Rummens, Sebastiaan Schelfaut, Lieven Moke, Joost Dejaegher, Ann Spriet, Anne-Lies Van den Broeck, Johan Vliers en Bart Depreitere
1 December 2022 | ARTICLE
A standardised physical performance test versus the frailty phenotype as predictors of adverse events in octogenarians
BACKGROUND: The population of adults aged 80 years and older is heterogenous with some being robust and others having a higher risk for adverse events. This study compares the predictive value of two tools used to identify older adults who are at ...
Auteurs: Floriane Benats, Bert Vaes, Eralda Hegendorfer en Jean-Marie Degryse
29 November 2022 | OTHER
Effectiveness of CRP POCT in children
The role of C-reactive Protein (CRP) Point of care testing (POCT) and complementary strategies in protecting the efficacy of antibiotics by reducing over-prescribing for respiratory illness in primary care. Building national holistic action plans ...
Auteurs: Jan Verbakel
28 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Antibody tests for identification of current and past infection with SARS‐CoV‐2
Abstract - Background The diagnostic challenges associated with the COVID‐19 pandemic resulted in rapid development of diagnostic test methods for detecting SARS‐CoV‐2 infection. Serology tests to detect the presence of antibodies to SARS‐CoV‐2 en...
Auteurs: T Fox, J Geppert, J Dinnes, K Scandrett, J Bigio, G Sulis, D Hettiarachchi, Y Mathangasinghe, P Weeratunga, D Wickramasinghe, Hanna Bergman, Brian Buckly, Katrin Probyn, Yanina Sguassero, Clare Davenport, Jane Cunningham, Sabine Dittrich, Devy Emperador, Lotty Hooft, Mariska Leeflang, Matthew McInnes, René Spijker, Thomas Struyf, Ann Van den Bruel, Jan Verbakel, Yemisi Takwoingi, Sian Taylor-Phillips, Jonathan Deeks en Cochrane COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Accuracy Group
26 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies among Belgian nursing home residents and staff during the primary COVID-19 vaccination campaign
BACKGROUND: Nursing home residents (NHR) and staff have been disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and were therefore prioritised in the COVID-19 vaccination strategy. However, frail older adults, like NHR, are known to have decrease...
Auteurs: Eline Meyers, Liselore De Rop, Ellen Deschepper, Els Duysburgh, Tine De Burghgraeve, Pauline Van Ngoc, Marina Digregorio, Simon Delogne, Anja Coen, Nele De Clercq, Laetitia Buret, Samuel Coenen, An De Sutter, Beatrice Scholtes, Jan Y Verbakel, Piet Cools en Stefan Heytens
Auteurs: Bram Decru, Jan Van Elslande, Sophie Steels, Gijs Van Pottelbergh, Lode Godderis, Bram Van Holm, Xavier Bossuyt, Johan Van Weyenbergh, Piet Maes en Pieter Vermeersch
22 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Blended care to discontinue benzodiazepine receptor agonists use in patients with chronic insomnia disorder: a pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial in primary care
STUDY OBJECTIVES: International guidelines recommend using benzodiazepine receptor agonists (BZRA) for maximally four weeks. Nevertheless, long-term use for chronic insomnia disorder remains a common practice. This study aimed to test the effectiv...
Auteurs: Kristien Coteur, Gilles Henrard, Birgitte Schoenmakers, Annouschka Laenen, Kris van den Broeck, An De Sutter, Sibyl Anthierens, Dirk Devroey, Nadine Kacenelenbogen, Anne-Marie Offermans en Marc Van Nuland
15 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Laser versus sham for genitourinary syndrome of menopause: A randomised controlled trial
OBJECTIVE: To assess whether CO2 laser treatment is more effective than sham application in relieving the most bothersome symptom (MBS) in women with genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). DESIGN: Single-centre, sham-controlled, double-blind, ...
Auteurs: Ann-Sophie Page, Jan Y Verbakel, Johan Verhaeghe, Yani P Latul, Susanne Housmans en Jan Deprest
Auteurs: Vasiliki Andreou, Sanne Peters, Jan Eggermont en Birgitte Schoenmakers
8 November 2022 | DISSERTATION
Diagnosing Urinary Tract Infections in children. Value of signs, symptoms, and point-of-care tests in primary care.
Introduction Urinary tract Infections (UTIs) occur in 1 of 20 children presenting to general practice. Diagnosis is challenging because the signs and symptoms of UTI in children are non-specific. Ruling out UTI requires urine culture, however thes...
Auteurs: Hanne Boon
8 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Optimization, validation and application of a high-throughput 96-well elution protocol for the quantification of psychoactive substances in influent wastewater
Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) is based on the analysis of human metabolic excretion products (biomarkers) of xenobiotics in wastewater, to gain information about various lifestyles and health aspects of a population in an evidence-based mann...
Auteurs: Tim Boogaerts, Maarten Quireyns, Florence Maes, Maria Laimou-Geraniou, Natan Van Wichelen, Ester Heath, Bram Pussig, Bert Aertgeerts, Adrian Covaci en Alexander LN van Nuijs
4 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Point-of-care C-reactive protein test results in acute infections in children in primary care: an observational study
Abstract Background Acute infections are a common reason for children to consult primary care. Serious infections are rare but differentiating them from self-limiting illnesses remains challenging. This can lead to inappropriate antibiotic prescri...
Auteurs: Liselore De Rop, Tine De Burghgraeve, An De Sutter, Frank Buntinx en Jan Verbakel
3 November 2022 | ARTICLE
A multi-level perspective on perceived unmet needs for home support in home-dwelling older adults in the Swiss context: a secondary data analysis of a population study
BACKGROUND: Unmet needs for home support occur when any support services perceived by older people as needed are not being received. Not meeting these needs can negatively impact older adults' quality of life, and increase health care utilization,...
Auteurs: Maria Jose Mendieta, Sabina M De Geest, Geert Goderis, Olivia Yip, Mieke Deschodt en Suzanne Dhaini
1 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Diet or medication in primary care patients with IBS: the DOMINO study - a randomised trial supported by the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE Trials Programme) and the Rome Foundation Research Institute
BACKGROUND: In Europe, IBS is commonly treated with musculotropic spasmolytics (eg, otilonium bromide, OB). In tertiary care, a low fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP) diet provides significant improve...
Auteurs: Florencia Carbone, Karen Van den Houte, Linde Besard, Celine Tack, Joris Arts, Philip Caenepeel, Hubert Piessevaux, Alain Vandenberghe, Christophe Matthys, Jessica Biesiekierski, Luc Capiau, Steven Ceulemans, Olivier Gernay, Lydia Jones, Sophie Maes, Christian Peetermans, Willem Raat, Jeroen Stubbe, Rudy Van Boxstael, Olivia Vandeput, Sophie Van Steenbergen, Lukas Van Oudenhove, Tim Vanuytsel, Michael Jones en Jan Tack
1 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Trends in prevalence and incidence of registered dementia and trends in multimorbidity among patients with dementia in general practice in Flanders, Belgium, 2000-2021: a registry-based, retrospective, longitudinal cohort study
OBJECTIVES: With the ageing of our population, it seems plausible that the prevalence of both dementia and multimorbidity will increase in the following decades. The aim of this study is to examine the trends in prevalence and incidence of registe...
Auteurs: Simon Gabriel Beerten, Antje Helsen, Jan De Lepeleire, Frans Boch Waldorff en Bert Vaes
1 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Diagnostic accuracy of blood tests of inflammation in paediatric appendicitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
OBJECTIVE: Possible childhood appendicitis is a common emergency presentation. The exact value of blood tests is debated. This study sought to determine the diagnostic accuracy of four blood tests (white cell count (WCC), neutrophil(count or perce...
Auteurs: David Fawkner-Corbett, Gail Hayward, Mohammed Alkhmees, Ann Van den Bruel, Jose M Ordonez-Mena en Gea A Holtman
1 November 2022 | ARTICLE
Declining Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies among Vaccinated Nursing Home Residents and Staff Six Months after the Primary BNT162b2 Vaccination Campaign in Belgium: A Prospective Cohort Study
In the SCOPE study, we monitored SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in a national sample of residents and staff from Belgian nursing homes. Here, we report the seroprevalence among infected and infection-naive residents and staff after the primary COVID-19 vac...
Auteurs: Eline Meyers, Ellen Deschepper, Els Duysburgh, Liselore De Rop, Tine De Burghgraeve, Pauline Van Ngoc, Marina Digregorio, Simon Delogne, Anja Coen, Nele De Clercq, Laetitia Buret, Samuel Coenen, An De Sutter, Beatrice Scholtes, Jan Y Verbakel, Piet Cools en Stefan Heytens
1 November 2022 | ARTICLE
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on eHealth Use in the Daily Practice and Life of Dutch-Speaking General Practitioners in Belgium: Qualitative Study With Semistructured Interviews
BACKGROUND: The COVID-19 crisis has led to rapid and far-reaching changes in digital health care, but little is known about what, why, and how changes occurred in eHealth use in Flemish general practice during the pandemic. OBJECTIVE: This study a...
Auteurs: Jan Ismail Yagiz en Geert Goderis
Auteurs: Sandipana Pati, Subhashisa Swain, Marjan van den Akker, Francois G Schellevis, Sanghamitra Pati en Jako S Burgers
27 October 2022 | DISSERTATION
Recognition Of Serious Infections in the Elderly (ROSIE)
This research project focuses on the accuracy and added value of new diagnostic tools for ambulatory care, in particular for diagnosing rare but serious infections in elderly (≥65 years). Early recognition and consequent management can improve the...
Auteurs: Thomas Struyf
Auteurs: Ruben Burvenich, Hannelore Dillen en Jan Verbakel
22 October 2022 | OTHER
POINT-OF-CARE C-Reactive protein test results in acute infections in children in primary care: a post-hoc analysis
Presentation during the Parallel Session K: Freestanding papers: Diagnostic tools
Auteurs: Liselore De Rop, Jan Verbakel, Tine De Burghgraeve, An De Sutter en Frank Buntinx
Auteurs: Michaël Christiaan John Van der Elst, Birgitte Schoenmakers, Jos Schols, Ruud Kempen en Jan De Lepeleire
17 October 2022 | ARTICLE
Adverse events of iron and/or erythropoiesis-stimulating agent therapy in preoperatively anemic elective surgery patients: a systematic review
BACKGROUND: Iron supplementation and erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) administration represent the hallmark therapies in preoperative anemia treatment, as reflected in a set of evidence-based treatment recommendations made during the 2018 In...
Auteurs: Jorien Laermans, Hans Van Remoortel, Bert Avau, Geertruida Bekkering, Jorgen Georgsen, Paola Maria Manzini, Patrick Meybohm, Yves Ozier, Emmy De Buck, Veerle Compernolle en Philippe Vandekerckhove
1 October 2022 | ARTICLE
Do doctors and other healthcare professionals know overdiagnosis in screening and how are they dealing with it? A protocol for a mixed methods systematic review
INTRODUCTION: Overdiagnosis is the diagnosis of a disease that would never have caused any symptom or problem. It is a harmful side effect of screening and may lead to unnecessary treatment, costs and emotional drawbacks. Doctors and other healthc...
Auteurs: Veerle Piessens, Stefan Heytens, Ann Van Den Bruel, Ann Van Hecke en An De Sutter
Auteurs: A Page, J Verbakel, J Verhaeghe, Y Latul, S Housmans en J Deprest