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Auteurs: Ruben Burvenich en Hannelore Dillen
Auteurs: Chantal Van Audenhove
Auteurs: Hanne Van Horebeek, Kathleen De Cuyper, Anja Declercq en Chantal Van Audenhove
4 May 2022 | ARTICLE
Safety of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9 inhibitors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
OBJECTIVE: To determine the harms of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9 (PCSK9) inhibitors in people who need lipid-lowering therapy. METHODS: This systematic review included randomised controlled trials that compared PCSK9 inhibitors with p...
Auteurs: Jing Li, Heyue Du, Yang Wang, Bert Aertgeerts, Gordon Guyatt, Qiukui Hao, Yanjiao Shen, Ling Li, Na Su, Nicolas Delvaux, Geertruida Bekkering, Safi U Khan, Irbaz B Riaz, Per Olav Vandvik, Baihai Su, Haoming Tian en Sheyu Li
Auteurs: Dominique Liesse
1 May 2022 | ARTICLE
What do we know about written assessment of health professionals' communication skills? A scoping review
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this scoping review was to investigate the published literature on written assessment of communication skills in health professionals' education. METHODS: Pubmed, Embase, Cinahl and Psychnfo were screened for the period 1/199...
Auteurs: Noelle Junod Perron, Peter Pype, Marc van Nuland, Maria Magdalena Bujnowska-Fedak, Marcela Dohms, Geurt Essers, Ragnar Joakimsen, Zoi Tsimtsiou en Claudia Kiessling
1 May 2022 | ARTICLE
The Risk of Endometrial Malignancy and Other Endometrial Pathology in Women with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: An Ultrasound-Based Model Development Study by the IETA Group
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to develop a model that can discriminate between different etiologies of abnormal uterine bleeding. DESIGN: The International Endometrial Tumor Analysis 1 study is a multicenter observational diagnostic study ...
Auteurs: Laure Wynants, Jan Yvan Jos Verbakel, Lil Valentin, Bavo De Cock, M Angela Pascual, Francesco PG Leone, Povilas Sladkevicius, Ruben Heremans, Juan Luis Alcazar, Angelo Votino, Robert Fruscio, Elisabeth Epstein, Tom Bourne, Ben Van Calster, Dirk Timmerman en Thierry Van den Bosch
1 May 2022 | ARTICLE
Prevalence and incidence of chemotherapy-induced taste alterations in adult cancer patients: a systematic review protocol
OBJECTIVE: This study will synthesize the available evidence on the prevalence and incidence of chemotherapy-induced taste alterations in adult cancer patients. INTRODUCTION: Taste and smell alterations in cancer patients due to chemotherapy affec...
Auteurs: Marleen Corremans, Dimitri Mortelmans, Bart Geurden, Sarah Luyten en Geertruida Bekkering
1 May 2022 | ARTICLE
Lower persistence of anti-nucleocapsid compared to anti-spike antibodies up to one year after SARS-CoV-2 infection
We retrospectively compared the long-term evolution of IgG anti-spike (S) and anti-nucleocapsid (N) levels (Abbott immunoassays) in 116 non-severe and 115 severe SARS-CoV-2 infected patients from 2 university hospitals up to 365 days post positive...
Auteurs: Jan Van Elslande, Matthijs Oyaert, Natalie Lorent, Yannick Vande Weygaerde, Gijs Van Pottelbergh, Lode Godderis, Marc Van Ranst, Emmanuel Andre, Elizaveta Padalko, Katrien Lagrou, Stien Vandendriessche en Pieter Vermeersch
Auteurs: Selien Vancaillie, Daan Duppen, Aline Sevenants, Bram Verschuere, Peter De Graef, Peter Raeymaeckers, Dominique Verté, Joris Voets, An De Schutter, Erik Schokkaert, Martine Van Regenmortel, Johan Put, Chantal Van Audenhove, Paul Gemmel en Anja Declercq
Auteurs: Kathleen De Cuyper, Tim Opgenhaffen, Gilles Droogmans, Dorien Beeckmans, Jasper Vanhoof, Nana Mertens, Bea Maes, els Vanlinthout, Theo van Achterberg, Sara Nijs, Tine Peeters, Johan Put en Chantal Van Audenhove
27 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Diet or medication in primary care patients with IBS: the DOMINO study - a randomised trial supported by the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE Trials Programme) and the Rome Foundation Research Institute
BACKGROUND: In Europe, IBS is commonly treated with musculotropic spasmolytics (eg, otilonium bromide, OB). In tertiary care, a low fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP) diet provides significant improve...
Auteurs: Florencia Carbone, Karen Van den Houte, Linde Besard, Celine Tack, Joris Arts, Philip Caenepeel, Hubert Piessevaux, Alain Vandenberghe, Christophe Matthys, Jessica Biesiekierski, Luc Capiau, Steven Ceulemans, Olivier Gernay, Lydia Jones, Sophie Maes, Christian Peetermans, Willem Raat, Jeroen Stubbe, Rudy Van Boxstael, Olivia Vandeput, Sophie Van Steenbergen, Lukas Van Oudenhove, Tim Vanuytsel, Michael Jones en Jan Tack
Auteurs: Dorien Beeckmans, Gilles Droogmans, Nana Mertens, Tim Opgenhaffen, jasper Vanhoof, Bea Maes, Theo van Achterberg, Sara Nijs, Johan Put, Chantal Van Audenhove en Kathleen De Cuyper
20 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Publicly Available, Interactive Web-Based Tools to Support Advance Care Planning: Systematic Review
BACKGROUND: There is an increasing number of interactive web-based advance care planning (ACP) support tools, which are web-based aids in any format encouraging reflection, communication, and processing of publicly available information, most of w...
Auteurs: Charless Dupont, Tinne Smets, Fanny Monnet, Lara Pivodic, Aline De Vleminck, Chantal Van Audenhove en Lieve Van den Block
19 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Cost of healthcare utilization associated with incident cardiovascular and renal disease in individuals with type 2 diabetes: A multinational, observational study across 12 countries
AIM: To examine how the development of cardiovascular and renal disease (CVRD) translates to hospital healthcare costs in individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2D) initially free from CVRD. METHODS: Data were obtained from the digital healthcare syst...
Auteurs: Anna Norhammar, Johan Bodegard, Jan W Eriksson, Hermann Haller, Gerard CM Linssen, Amitava Banerjee, Avraham Karasik, Pavlos Mamouris, Navdeep Tangri, Tiago Taveira-Gomes, Aldo P Maggioni, Manuel Botana, Marcus Thuresson, Suguru Okami, Toshitaka Yajima, Takashi Kadowaki en Kare Birkeland
Auteurs: David Bos, Tine De Burghgraeve, Marieke Lemiengre, An De Sutter, Frank Buntinx en Jan Verbakel
Background: Acute infection remains a common reason for children to consult primary care. Serious infections are rare but differentiating them from self-limiting ones remains challenging. Diagnostic uncertainty can lead to inappropriate antibiotic...
Auteurs: Liselore De Rop, Tine De Burghgraeve, Marieke Lemiengre, An De Sutter, Frank Buntinx en Jan Verbakel
6 April 2022 | ARTICLE
PCSK9 inhibitors and ezetimibe with or without statin therapy for cardiovascular risk reduction: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
OBJECTIVE: To compare the impact of ezetimibe and proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) inhibitors on cardiovascular outcomes in adults taking maximally tolerated statin therapy or who are statin intolerant. DESIGN: Network meta-an...
Auteurs: Safi U Khan, Siva H Yedlapati, Ahmad N Lone, Qiukui Hao, Gordon Guyatt, Nicolas Delvaux, Geertruida E Trudy Bekkering, Per Olav Vandvik, Irbaz Bin Riaz, Sheyu Li, Bert Aertgeerts en Nicolas Rodondi
6 April 2022 | ARTICLE
PCSK9 inhibitors and ezetimibe for the reduction of cardiovascular events: a clinical practice guideline with risk-stratified recommendations
CLINICAL QUESTION: In adults with low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels >1.8 mmol/L (>70 mg/dL) who are already taking the maximum dose of statins or are intolerant to statins, should another lipid-lowering drug be added, either a propr...
Auteurs: Qiukui Hao, Bert Aertgeerts, Gordon Guyatt, Geertruida E Bekkering, Per Olav Vandvik, Safi U Khan, Nicolas Rodondi, Rod Jackson, Jean-Luc Reny, Lubna Al Ansary, Mieke Van Driel, Willem JJ Assendelft, Thomas Agoritsas, Frederick Spencer, Reed AC Siemieniuk, Lyubov Lytvyn, Anja Fog Heen, Qian Zhao, Irbaz Bin Riaz, Dirk Ramaekers, Patrick Mba Okwen, Ye Zhu, Annabel Dawson, Mersa Caius Ovidiu, Willy Vanbrabant, Sheyu Li en Nicolas Delvaux
4 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Temporal monitoring of stimulants during the COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium through the analysis of influent wastewater
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) is a complementary epidemiological data source to monitor stimulant consumption. The aims were to: (i) study intra- and inter-year temporal changes in stimulant use in Belgium during the fir...
Auteurs: Tim Boogaerts, Maarten Quireyns, Maarten De Prins, Bram Pussig, Hans De Loof, Catharina Matheï, Bert Aertgeerts, Virginie Van Coppenolle, Erik Fransen, Adrian Covaci en Alexander LN Van Nuijs
2 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Experiences and perspectives of marketing authorisation holders towards medication safety monitoring during pregnancy: a pan-European qualitative analysis
Although marketing authorisation holders (MAHs) are involved in monitoring medication safety, it was unclear how they experience their role and current monitoring activities in pregnancy. Therefore, a qualitative study using online focus groups wi...
Auteurs: Laure (Conceptualization Sillis, Veerle (Conceptualization Foulon, Jan (Conceptualization Verbakel en Michael (Conceptualization Ceulemans
1 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Trends in guideline implementation: an updated scoping review protocol.
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this review is to assess trends in guideline implementation, including the interventions used, rationale provided, and the impact on patient or health care professional knowledge, behavior or outcomes. INTRODUCTION: Gui...
Auteurs: Anna R Gagliardi, Jennifer Malinowski, Zachary Munn, Sanne Peters en Emily Senerth
1 April 2022 | ARTICLE
IgG anti-spike antibody levels in healthcare workers with and without prior COVID-19 up to 3 months after BNT162b2 vaccination
We report IgG anti-spike levels up to 3 months after vaccination with 2 doses of BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine in healthcare workers (HCW). The antibody response was significantly stronger in previously infected vaccinated HCW compared to uninfected HCW, ...
Auteurs: Jan Van Elslande, Matthias Weemaes, Lode Godderis, Gijs Van Pottelbergh, Xavier Bossuyt en Pieter Vermeersch
1 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Development of an intervention to improve informational continuity of care in older patients with polypharmacy at the interface between general practice and hospital care: protocol for a participatory qualitative study in Germany
INTRODUCTION: Older patients with multimorbidity, polypharmacy and related complex care needs represent a growing proportion of the population and a challenge for healthcare systems. Particularly in transitional care (hospital admission and hospit...
Auteurs: Maria-Sophie Brueckle, Truc Sophia Dinh, Astrid-Alexandra Klein, Lisa Rietschel, Jenny Petermann, Franziska Brosse, Sylvia Schulz-Rothe, Ana Isabel Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Martin Kramer, Jennifer Engler, Karola Mergenthal, Christiane Muth, Karen Voigt en Marjan van den Akker
1 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Vaccine Hesitancy towards the COVID-19 Vaccine in a Random National Sample of Belgian Nursing Home Staff Members
In Belgium, nursing home staff (NHS) and residents were prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination. However, vaccine hesitancy may have impacted vaccination rates. In this study, a random stratified sample of NHS (N = 1142), vaccinated and unvaccinated,...
Auteurs: Marina Digregorio, Pauline Van Ngoc, Simon Delogne, Eline Meyers, Ellen Deschepper, Els Duysburgh, Liselore De Rop, Tine De Burghgraeve, Anja Coen, Nele De Clercq, An De Sutter, Jan Y Verbakel, Piet Cools, Stefan Heytens, Laetitia Buret en Beatrice Scholtes
1 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Effectiveness of guided and unguided online alcohol help: A real-life study
Aims: Online interventions reduce the treatment gap between the number of people with alcohol misuse and people who actually receive help. This study investigated the effectiveness and predictors of success of a Belgian online help programme. Meth...
Auteurs: Ans Vangrunderbeek, Ann Raveel, Catharina Mathei, Herwig Claeys, Bert Aertgeerts en Geertruida Bekkering
1 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Downstream activities after laboratory testing in primary care: an exploratory outcome of the ELMO cluster randomised trial (Electronic Laboratory Medicine Ordering with evidence-based order sets in primary care)
OBJECTIVE: To estimate the rate and type of downstream activities (DAs) after laboratory testing in primary care, with a specific focus on check-up laboratory panels, and to explore the effect of a clinical decision support system (CDSS) for labor...
Auteurs: Veerle Piessens, Nicolas Delvaux, Stefan Heytens, Bert Aertgeerts en An De Sutter
1 April 2022 | ARTICLE
Integrated Care Components in Transitional Care Models from Hospital to Home for Frail Older Adults: A Systematic Review.
Introduction: Frail older adults frequently experience transitions from hospital to home due to their complex care needs. Transitional care models (TCMs) are recommended to tackle adverse outcomes in frail patients. This review summarizes the use ...
Auteurs: Merel Leithaus, Audrey Beaulen, Erica de Vries, Geert Goderis, Johan Flamaing, Hilde Verbeek en Mieke Deschodt