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AT-RISK: AuToimmune disorders and cardiovascular RISK
Auteurs: N Conrad, G Verbeke, G Molenberghs, L Goetschalckx, T Callender, K Rahimi, JC Mason, JJV McMurray en JY Verbakel
30 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Replacing sitting with light-intensity physical activity throughout the day versus 1 bout of vigorous-intensity exercise: similar cardiometabolic health effects in multiple sclerosis. A randomised cross-over study
PURPOSE: Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (PwMS) are physically inactive and spend more time in sedentary behaviours than healthy persons, which increases the risk of developing cardiometabolic diseases. In this randomised crossover study, the card...
Auteurs: Ine Nieste, Wouter MA Franssen, Bernard MFM Duvivier, Jan Spaas, Hans HCM Savelberg en Bert O Eijnde
29 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Trends in oral anticoagulant prescription in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation in Flanders and the impact of switching patients from vitamin K antagonists to DOACS in terms of the burden caused by complications of the disease: a registry-based study
CONTEXT: Since the introduction of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) for the treatment of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (Afib), oral anticoagulants (OACs) prescription has evolved. AIM: We aim first to explore the OACs prescription behaviour in...
Auteurs: Elvire Nakhoul, Bert Vaes, Pavlos Mamouris en Jean-Marie Degryse
Auteurs: Hannelore Dillen, Geertruida Bekkering, Sofie Gijsbers, Yannick Vande Weygaerde, Sarah Haesevoets, Maarten Van Herck, David Bos, Ann Li, Henricus Gosselink, Thierry Troosters en Jan Verbakel
23 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Evolution of benzodiazepine receptor agonist prescriptions in general practice: A registry-based study
BACKGROUND: Contrary to most European guidelines, benzodiazepine receptor agonists (BZRA) are often used continuously at a low dosage, being the most common form of long-term use. In Belgium, BZRA use is monitored by analyzing self-report data abo...
Auteurs: Kristien Coteur, Pavlos Mamouris, Bert Vaes, Marc Van Nuland, Catharina Mathei en Birgitte Schoenmakers
Auteurs: Lotte Timmermans, Dagje Boeykens, Mustafa Muhammed Sirimsi, Peter Decat, Veerle Foulon, Ann Van Hecke, Mieke Vermandere en Birgitte Schoenmakers
16 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Digital participatory workshops with patients and health professionals to develop an intervention for the management of polypharmacy: results from a mixed-methods evaluation and methodological conclusions.
BACKGROUND: In the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous researchers postponed their patient and public involvement (PPI) activities. This was mainly due to assumptions on patients' willingness and skills to participate digitally. In fact, digital PPI works...
Auteurs: Jennifer Engler, Franziska Brosse, Truc Sophia Dinh, Astrid-Alexandra Klein, Maria-Sophie Brueckle, Jenny Petermann, Christiane Muth, Karola Mergenthal, Marjan van den Akker en Karen Voigt
Auteurs: Simon Beerten, Jan Vandamme, jonas Crèvecoeur, steve Van den Bulck, bert Aertgeerts, nicolas Delvaux, gijs Van Pottelbergh, mieke Vermandere, laura Tops, thomas Neyens en bert Vaes
Auteurs: Laura Tops, Kristien Coteur en Mieke Vermandere
9 September 2022 | ARTICLE
A search for relevant contextual factors in intervention studies: a stepwise approach with online information
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study is to describe a stepwise approach to study which contextual factors might moderate the effect of healthcare interventions and to test feasibility of this approach within the D-SCOPE project. DESIGN: Explora...
Auteurs: Michaël Christiaan John Van der Elst, Birgitte Schoenmakers, Eva Dierckx, Liesbeth De Donder, Ellen De Roeck, Daan Duppen, Bram Fret, Jos MGA Schols, Gertrudis IJM Kempen en Jan De Lepeleire
Auteurs: Lotte Timmermans, Dagje Boeykens, Mustafa Muhammed Sirimsi, Peter Decat, Veerle Foulon, Ann Van Hecke, Mieke Vermandere en Birgitte Schoenmakers
Auteurs: Laure Sillis, Veerle Foulon, Karel Allegaert, Annick Bogaerts, Maarten De Vos, Titia Hompes, Anne Smits, Kristel Van Calsteren, Jan Verbakel en Michael Ceulemans
3 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular risk: a population-based study on 19 autoimmune diseases and 12 cardiovascular diseases in 22 million individuals in the UK
BACKGROUND: Some autoimmune diseases are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. We aimed to determine whether or not this is true, and to what extent, for a broad range of autoimmune conditions. METHODS: In this population-ba...
Auteurs: Nathalie Conrad, Geert Verbeke, Geert Molenberghs, Laura Goetschalckx, Thomas Callender, Geraldine Cambridge, Justin C Mason, Kazem Rahimi, John J McMurray en Jan Y Verbakel
2 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Patients' experiences and expectations of the General Practitioner's role during bereavement care after losing a loved one: A qualitative study
General practitioners (GPs) are well positioned to support patients during their grieving process. This study investigated patients' experiences and expectations of their GP's role during bereavement care after losing a loved one. Semi-structured ...
Auteurs: Julie Van Goethem, Marie Verschaeve, Sanne Peters en Miek Smeets
Auteurs: Ben Van Calster, Stefan Timmerman, Axel Geysels, Jan Y Verbakel en Wouter Froyman
1 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Children and adolescents are not small adults: toward a better understanding of multimorbidity in younger populations.
Multimorbidity is of an increasing importance for the health of both children and adults but research has hitherto focused on adult multimorbidity. Hence, public awareness, practice, and policy lack vital information about multimorbidity in childh...
Auteurs: Marjan van den Akker, Mirjam Dieckelmann, Mohammad Akhtar Hussain, Daniela Bond-Smith, Christiane Muth, Sanghamitra Pati, Sonia Saxena, Desiree Silva, Rachel Skoss, Leon Straker, Sandra C Thompson en Judith M Katzenellenbogen
1 September 2022 | ARTICLE
Prevalence, incidence and longevity of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 among primary healthcare providers in Belgium: a prospective cohort study with 12 months of follow-up
OBJECTIVES: To estimate the prevalence, incidence and longevity of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 among primary healthcare providers (PHCPs). DESIGN: Prospective cohort study with 12 months of follow-up. SETTING: Primary care in Belgium. PARTICIPAN...
Auteurs: Niels Adriaenssens, Beatrice Scholtes, Robin Bruyndonckx, Pauline Van Ngoc, Jan Y Verbakel, An De Sutter, Stefan Heytens, Ann Van den Bruel, Isabelle Desombere, Pierre Van Damme, Herman Goossens, Laetitia Buret, Els Duysburgh en Samuel Coenen
Auteurs: Vasiliki Andreou, Sanne Peters, Jan Eggermont en Birgitte Schoenmakers
24 August 2022 | ARTICLE
Implementing Four Transitional Care Interventions for Older Adults: A Retrospective Collective Case Study
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Four interventions to improve care transitions between hospital and home or community settings for older adults were implemented in Leuven, Belgium over the past four years. These complex interventions consist of multipl...
Auteurs: Amal Fakha, Merel Leithaus, Bram de Boer, Theo van Achterberg, Jan P Hamers en Hilde Verbeek
Auteurs: World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
1 August 2022 | ARTICLE
Safety of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9 inhibitors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
OBJECTIVE: To determine the harms of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9 (PCSK9) inhibitors in people who need lipid-lowering therapy. METHODS: This systematic review included randomised controlled trials that compared PCSK9 inhibitors with p...
Auteurs: Jing Li, Heyue Du, Yang Wang, Bert Aertgeerts, Gordon Guyatt, Qiukui Hao, Yanjiao Shen, Ling Li, Na Su, Nicolas Delvaux, Geertruida Bekkering, Safi U Khan, Irbaz B Riaz, Per Olav Vandvik, Baihai Su, Haoming Tian en Sheyu Li
1 August 2022 | ARTICLE
Differences in opioid prescription rates between patients with musculoskeletal disorders enrolled in coordinated ambulatory healthcare and patients receiving usual care: a retrospective observational cohort study
OBJECTIVES: To compare opioid prescription rates between patients enrolled in coordinated ambulatory care and patients receiving usual care. DESIGN: In this retrospective cohort study, we analysed claims data for insured patients with non-specific...
Auteurs: Angelina Mueller, Olga Anastasia Amberger, Anastasiya Glushan, Renate Klaassen-Mielke, Claudia Witte, Marjan van den Akker, Robin Bruenn, Ferdinand M Gerlach, Martin Beyer en Kateryna Karimova
1 August 2022 | ARTICLE
Are psychosocial variables, sleep characteristics or central pain processing prognostic factors for outcome following rotator cuff repair? A protocol for a prospective longitudinal cohort study
INTRODUCTION: Prognosis following surgical rotator cuff repair (RCR) is often established through the assessment of non-modifiable biomedical factors such as tear size. This understates the complex nature of recovery following RCR. There is a need...
Auteurs: Ariane Schwank, Thomas Struyf, Filip Struyf, Paul Blazey, Michel Mertens, David Gisi, Markus Pisan en Mira Meeus
29 July 2022 | ARTICLE
Tendentious Paper-Titles and Wrong Conclusions Lead to Fear in the Population and Medical Overconsumption. Comment on Luchian et al. Subclinical Myocardial Dysfunction in Patients with Persistent Dyspnea One Year after COVID-19. Diagnostics 2022, 12, 57.
This week I read a press release from the University Hospital of Brussels with the title "30% of hospitalised COVID-19 patients have a heart defect one year after acute illness" [...].
Auteurs: Patrik Vankrunkelsven
22 July 2022 | ARTICLE
Supporting employees with mental illness and reducing mental illness-related stigma in the workplace: an expert survey
An expert survey was designed to support the development of a workplace-based multi-country intervention tackling depression, anxiety, and mental illness-related stigma in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Academic experts and representa...
Auteurs: Bridget Hogg, Ana Moreno-Alcazar, Monika Ditta Toth, Ilinca Serbanescu, Birgit Aust, Caleb Leduc, Charlotte Paterson, Fotini Tsantilla, Kahar Abdulla, Arlinda Cerga-Pashoja, Johanna Cresswell-Smith, Naim Fanaj, Andia Meksi, Doireann Ni Dhalaigh, Hanna Reich, Victoria Ross, Sarita Sanches, Katherine Thomson, Chantal Van Audenhove, Victor Perez, Ella Arensman, Gyorgy Purebl en Benedikt L Amann
20 July 2022 | ARTICLE
Incidence rates and trends of childhood urinary tract infections and antibiotic prescribing: registry-based study in general practices (2000 to 2020)
BACKGROUND: To improve the management of childhood urinary tract infections, it is essential to understand the incidence rates, testing and treatment strategy. METHODS: A retrospective study using data from 45 to 104 general practices (2000 to 202...
Auteurs: Hanne A Boon, Thomas Struyf, Jonas Crevecoeur, Nicolas Delvaux, Gijs Van Pottelbergh, Bert Vaes, Ann Van den Bruel en Jan Y Verbakel
Auteurs: Sofie Van Ostaeyen, Anissa All, Marieke Robbrecht, Vasiliki Andreou, Mieke Embo, Tammy Schellens en Martin Valcke