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1 January 1998 | ARTICLE
De houding van artsen tegenover ouderen
Auteurs: Johan Beullens, Jan De Lepeleire, Jan Godderis en Jan Heyrman
1 September 1997 | ARTICLE
Paternal occupational exposure around conception and spina bifida in offspring
A multi-center case-referent study was conducted on the relation between paternal occupational exposure and spina bifida in offspring. Cases were born between 1980 and 1992 in The Netherlands. Referents were recruited from hospitals and from the g...
Auteurs: BM Blatter, R Hermens, M Bakker, N Roeleveld, ALM Verbeek en GA Zielhuis
1 September 1997 | ARTICLE
Hardikar syndrome: a new syndrome with cleft lip/palate, pigmentary retinopathy and cholestasis
We present a child with a remarkable constellation of abnormalities comprising cleft lip and palate, pigmentary retinopathy, hydronephrosis, malrotation of the gut and obstructive liver disease. This patient, together with two other reported cases...
Auteurs: Filip Cools en Jacques Jaeken
1 September 1997 | ARTICLE
Diphtheria immunity in Flanders
A serological survey to determine the immunity to diphtheria in the Flemish population was conducted according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Immunity to diphtheria was determined on a randomised, stratified sample (1679 ...
Auteurs: Cathy Matheï, Paul Van Damme, P Bruynseels, H Goossens, R Vranckx en A Meheus
1 June 1997 | ARTICLE
Population-based prevention of influenza in Dutch general practice
BACKGROUND: Although the effectiveness of influenza vaccination in high-risk groups has been proven, vaccine coverage continues to be less than 50% in The Netherlands. To improve vaccination rates, data on the organizational factors, which should ...
Auteurs: E Hak, RPMG Hermens, GA VanEssen, M Kuyvenhoven en RA DeMelker
1 March 1997 | ARTICLE
Hepatitis B vaccine administration: comparison between jet-gun and syringe and needle
An open randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted to compare the reactogenicity of a recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (Engerix-B) when injected with the Bioject device (a pneumatically powered drug delivery system using disposable syringes...
Auteurs: Cathy Matheï, Paul Van Damme en A Meheus
Auteurs: Louis Paquay
1 February 1997 | ARTICLE
Prevalence and incidence of health problems in people with intellectual disability
The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence and incidence of the most frequent chronic health problems in relation to age in people with intellectual disabilities living in residential facilities in the Netherlands. A prospective c...
Auteurs: HMJV LantmandeValk, M vandenAkker, MA Maaskant, MJ Haveman, HFJ Urlings, AGH Kessels en HFJM Crebolder
Auteurs: Chantal Van Audenhove, K Härkäpää, D Pilling en the Multinational Evaluation Group of the E.C.H.O. Project
Auteurs: Jan De Lepeleire
Auteurs: Chantal Van Audenhove, Kathelijne Jordens en A Van den Troost
Auteurs: G Lissens en Chantal Van Audenhove
Auteurs: Chantal Van Audenhove, V Carlassara en J De Brouwere
Auteurs: Cathy Matheï
Auteurs: Anja Declercq, Isabel Van Rompaey, H Bogaerts, Chantal Van Audenhove en Frans Lammertyn
Auteurs: Chantal Van Audenhove, A Van den Troost, G Lissens, L Seghers en F Devos
Auteurs: Jan De Lepeleire en Jan Heyrman
Auteurs: Jan De Lepeleire en Frank Buntinx
Auteurs: G Llssens en C Van Audenhove
1 December 1996 | ARTICLE
Care dependence and activities of daily living in relation to ageing: Results of a longitudinal study
From 1990 to 1993, the University of Limburg and the Pepijn Centre, the Netherlands, have performed a prospective cohort study on ageing and intellectual disability. The key questions of the study were: "To what degree do the level of care depende...
Auteurs: MA Maaskant, M vandenAkker, AGH Kessels, MJ Haveman, HMJV LantmandeValk en HFJ Urlings
1 September 1996 | ARTICLE
Antibiotics for the common cold
Auteurs: Frank Buntinx en Patrik Vankrunkelsven
Auteurs: A Van den Troost en Chantal Van Audenhove
Auteurs: S Thoelen, P Van Damme, M Beutels, Cathy Matheï en A Meheus
Auteurs: Chantal Van Audenhove, V Carlassara, J De Brouwere en J Vijverman
Auteurs: Chantal Van Audenhove
1 January 1996 | ARTICLE
Traitement chirurgical de la déformation de Madelung: analyse d'une série et proposition d'un protocole de traitement
Les résultats de 12 poignets présentant une déformation de Madelung et traités chirurgicalement ont été revus. La correction n'est que rarement obtenue, mais la majorité des patients (9 sur 12) sont satisfaits. Un résultat excellent n'a été obtenu...
Auteurs: Lucia De Smet en Pierre Moens
Auteurs: Hedwig Bogaerts, Chantal Van Audenhove, Anja Declercq en Frans Lammertyn
Auteurs: Anja Declercq, Chantal Van Audenhove en Frans Lammertyn
Auteurs: Hedwig Bogaerts, Chantal Van Audenhove, Anja Declercq en Frans Lammertyn