Integrated Care for patients with Alcohol Use disorders (ICARUS)Terug naar alle onderzoek rond Kwaliteit van zorg »


    Trudy Bekkering & Dieter Zeeuws


    Cathy Matheï, Leo Pas & Bert Aertgeerts (KULeuven) / Frieda Matthys (VUB) / Geert Verstuyf (VAD) & Hub Wollersheim (IQ gezondheidszorg Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)


This project aims to improve continuing care for patients with alcohol dependence by developing an integrated care program (ICP) based on research performed in this project. Basis for such program is Wagner's Chronic care Model, in which care is organized from a chronic care perspective. We hypothesize that the implementation of an integrated care program offerd to patients after initial rehabilitation treatment in a specialty care setting, will improve the quality of aftercare and reduce the risk of relapse. Moreover, the developed program could serve as a generic model for wider implementation in addiction care.

Activities of this project include

  • - to perform a systematic review on the effectiveness of aftercare
  • - to develop indicators to assess the quality of aftercare for alcohol dependence
  • - to evaluate the quality if current aftercare
  • - to assess barriers and facilitating factors to improve the quality of aftercare
  • - to develop an integrated care program based on the results of previous activities


Lenaerts E, Mathei C, Matthys F, Zeeuws D, Pas L, Anderson P, Aertgeerts B. Continuing care for patients with alcohol use disorders: a systematic review. Drug and alcohol dependence 2013; 11. DOI: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2013.10.030